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The Essential Wellness Center

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

“Migratory arthritis” symptoms triggered by Carpal Tunnel surgery. Therapy afforded me an extraordinary return to normal feeling and normal life. I highly recommend the treatments you can receive at The Essential Wellness Center. - Neil


A car accident and continual pain brought me to this office. The staff did a great job in all aspects. Not only was the treatment great, but even the billing experience went smoothly. - A J

Back Problems:

I had a back injury and a friend recommended I try CranioSacral Therapy. The massages really helped heal my back in a way that the Physical Therapist and Chiropractor were not able to do. - Lisa

I was experiencing lower back pain from lifting. The therapy relieved my pain as well as stress in general. I found myself to be much more relaxed physically as well as mentally. The Staff were very professional and supportive. - Dianna

I was experiencing pain in my mid back to the point that I could not stay on my feet through the afternoon. I received 100% improvement with CranioSacral Therapy. This is a treatment that everyone should receive every 6 months at least, just like regular dental care. - Midge

A long history of disc problems and concern about a relapse brought me to this Therapy. Ongoing CranioSacral treatment has prevented any further disc problems and discomfort. My experience seems to indicate that massage therapy can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes exercise and a healthy diet still need a helping hand. - Brian

Back and Hip pain brought me to CranioSacral Therapy and it released the pain and was such a nurturing process. Thank You! - Dale

Severe muscle strain in my lower back was giving me a great deal of pain. After trying Chiropractic Therapy to help heal my back, it was the deep tissue therapy at The Essential Wellness Center, applied mainly to my back and legs, that was the answer and I was finally pain free. - Becky

Sciatica brought me to The Essential Wellness Center. My pain has substantially decreased and I have also experienced emotional release from several painful life experiences. This was an unexpected benefit gained from CranioSacral Therapy and I appreciate the insights. Because of my confidence in their skills, I will certainly be referring my own patients to these ladies and will continue my own treatments because of the VERY positive experience and ongoing benefits. - Ginny

Pain in my lower back and at the back of my knee brought me to The Essential Wellness Center. The experience was like a breath of fresh air and a great enhancement in combination with my Chiropractic care. I enjoy my treatments and will continue to tell others about the Therapy. - Scott

Neck and spine pain brought me here and they cleared it up so completely that I haven’t needed to return. I received wonderful loving attention by the Staff. They were very professional – a true Class Act! - Carole


A blow to my head left me with horrendous headaches that vanished with CranioSacral Therapy. My thoughts no longer ran rabbit trails, my concentration returned and I felt an overall sense of balance and well being. The staff was warm and skilled, very professional and produced results that are essential to the wellness of their clients. - Susan

I came for relief from headaches and postural improvement as a follow up to surgery for scoliosis in 1983. These ladies are in a class by themselves. They treat the entire body, mind and spirit in a caring, nurturing way. As a practicing Massage Therapist myself, I would highly recommend them for their specialty work. They have helped me greatly and continue to do so. - Wendy

Muscle Tension:

“Fibro Fog”, pain in my legs (especially at night), tension, stress along with constant pain in my back and neck brought me to CranioSacral Therapy. My whole body feels much better. My pain levels are down and I learned methods I could use at home to help my condition. The entire experience has opened my eyes to new types of treatments. I don’t have to think twice about where to go for therapy!! - Susan


Feeling fatigue and suffering from pain from polymegaligia rhematica, I liked the way I felt after the CranioSacral Treatments and believe it was beneficial.

I needed work on my energy level. I experienced emotional release and realizations that have greatly enhanced my life. CranioSacral Therapy is fantastic, truly helpful and should be a necessity for everyone.


I came to try CranioSacral Therapy due to chronic sinus issues and overall stress symptoms. Until I was treated, I was taking Sudafed every day and still had constant recurring infections. It has been over three years now since I have had to take any medication and I have very few problems. This has been a Godsend! The therapy continues to help me learn to de-stress and relax after many years of career-related stress. It has been a tremendous help to me. - Cindy


Stress that was divorce related had me in therapy with a counselor who recommended that I try CranioSacral Therapy in order to receive help with my ability to express my emotions and relieve my stress. It helped me to see the mind/body connection and to be more okay with the task of self care. I was able to sleep better, had fewer headaches and l eventually felt less resentment toward my ex-spouse. - G

Physical Pain and Stress brought me to this wonderful Therapy. These ladies are truly blessed healers who everyone should be treated by no matter what age or state of health they are in. Things can always be improved upon.


I have experienced pain in my knee, hip and shoulder and the Therapy allowed me to perform work duties pain free. I was able to relax and sleep better. I have been able to remain pain free by following their directions. These ladies are knowledgeable and very good at finding and fixing the problem areas. - Cliff

Essential Oils:

I found that I could buy essential oils at The Essential Wellness Center. I love the oils and all that they can do for you. I even made bug repellant from purification oil. I love these ladies. - Sherri